Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Operation Wedding...Complete

This week was so stressful and so great all in one.

First of all we had divisions last week.  Which was good!  I think Hna G and I did a good job of knowing what to do and such.  We had 2 important things to get done.  1, get the birth certificate from the lady getting married to give to the lawyer (weddings are really complicated here.  you have to get lawyers involved and its just chaos.) and 2, set a firm for sure baptism date with one of our investigators.  So we called this investigator to confirm our appointment.  He answered and said no no, the next week (which in Spanish usually means never).  It was sooo unlike him!  Usually he wears his nicest clothes to our appointments and is always on time with our plans.  But no!  He wasn't even in his house or anything.  So we were like great, one thing on the to do list FAILED.  Later we went to pick up the birth certificate and she didn't have it!  The lawyer needed it as soon as possible and she hadn't even picked it up from this legalish place in the city.  To do list task number two...FAILED.  It was awful.  And of course all this happened when our trainer was gone and we were on division with the training sister.  It all turned out okay.  We finally got a hold of our investigator and he's still interested, and we got the birth certificate.  But it was just stressful in the moment.

We also had zone conference on Thursday.  It was really good!  It was our zone and one other meeting together in the Capital for training with the president.  It's always really inspiring to see how other missionaries approach things.  And President and his wife always have so much love for us.  They always have great things to say to motivate us and help us better ourselves.

Saturday was insane.  The morning was packed with studies, primary program practice, and lunch.  At 1 we went to set up for the wedding.  It was outside of our chapel where there are really pretty flowers and a grassy area.  It's the perfect spot!  So we set up chairs for 70 people, tied flowers to decorate all over, got little tables ready for food and such.  The ceremony was supposed to start at 2.  1:59 we had everything ready looking beautiful.  At 2 on the dot (the bells from the church down the street were ringing right when this happened.  It was literally on the dot)  it poured rain.  Good ol' hard, pouring Guatemala rain.  So we spent another 30 mins moving everything into the chapel, which was not nearly as pretty!  Luckily Guatemalans have a totally different sense of time and no one (no even the bride and groom) showed up until 2:45 or so. Finally we got started around 3:30.  It was so nice to see them get married!  Their family is so cute!  I have some cute pictures that I need to figure out a way to send.  But it was sooo stressful.  Oh and don't worry.  Their dog followed them to the wedding too.  So there's my dog story for the week.

Sunday was also a little stressful, but also really amazing.  They had the primary program.  All the little kids sang and shared their little parts and scriptures.  It was just as cute and hilarious and incredible as the ones back home.  Ah!  The kids here are so cute!

Then we had the baptism and confirmation of the couple who got married.  It was so amazing.  The wife has such a strong testimony!  She knows so much and was so happy to be taking this step.  She really understands the importance of it and has sacrificed so much to get to that point.  They were confirmed the same day because their 2 year old daughter broke her elbow and has to get surgery.  They'll be in the hospital for 2 weeks, which is really sad.  They're really scared.  It sounds like the same thing I did to my elbow.  But it's so sweet because they put off the operation until Monday so they could get baptized.  Ah!  the faith of the people here is amazing.

I'm still doing awesome!  I probably had hard days or moment this week, but I really can never remember them because I love what I'm doing.  Heavenly Father knows and loves each of His children.  I see how He blesses and prepares everyone that we come across.  It's so incredible.  And the feeling I get when I see people get baptized is seriously indescribable.   For a few moments I get to feel just a particle of Heavenly Father's love for us, and it is so powerful.  All the contacts that don't want our message, all the doors that don't let us in, all the people who run away from us (yes, it happens), it's all worth it when I see that one person get baptized and confirmed.  After hours and hours and hours of harvesting, the fruits of our labors are sooo worth every second.

Love you all.  thanks for everything!

I have a little more time so here's more.

on Monday for pday we went to this 5 star hotel as a district activity.  It was so cool!  Its basically the ruins of an old chapel that they turned into a hotel.  There are museumy parts and a Guatemalan chocolate shop and cool ruins.  So that was fun.  It was crazy because walking outside in the courtyard it didn't feel like we were in the city anymore.  It was just ruins and green mountains and volcanoes.  It was cool.