Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Please bear with me if this email is really not exciting or doesn't make sense.  I cannot focus at all because tomorrow we have to get flu shots.  And anyone that knows me knows how I feel about shots.  I'll have to let you now next week if I make it without passing out.

Its still cold. I wake up shivering at night sometimes.  I feel like such a wimp!  Its a good adventure.  And it poured rain last night.  So I take back my good news from last week.  But the good news this week is that yesterday I accidentally broke the only mirror we have in our house, so I won't be able to put mascara on anyway!  So it all works out in the end.

Hna E and I are doing good.  We are always making each other laugh.  The other day she said something that was just so funny to me.  She gave me a hug after our companionship prayer at night and I freaked out because she accidentally tickled me.  Then she looked at me super surprised and asked me 'Can gringos be tickled?  I didn't think you guys could be tickled.'  It was so funny!  Of course we're ticklish.  Its funny to hear all these myths and weird ideas people have about the United States.

I feel like this sounds like such a downer email.  But I really am happy!  We have seen so many miracles this weekend! We are finally seeing more and more fruits of our labors. The zone leaders had told us to commit every contact to come to church. So we did and we found some positive people and took down their numbers to remind them of church. Saturday we couldn't find any of our positive investigators who had told us they'd come to church and that was rough. But that night we sent out messages to all our contacts to remind them of church. Sunday we had 6 investigators in church, 4 of which were street contacts from Saturday. We hadn't even taught them before and we didn't pass for them or anything! It was such a miracle. They all had a really good experience and are very pilas. I know we are going to be able to reach our goals this month. Heavenly Father is blessing us for being patient in our trials.

I love you all!
Hna Haymond

and also with the funny things people think about Americans...there are beehives (12 year old girls) that leave with us (go visiting) and they are obsessed with my arm hair.  They always tell me that my blonde arm hairs are so cool.  Its just hilarious to me.  I went a whole lesson with one of them touching my little blonde arm hairs.  When you're feeling down just think about blonde arm hairs and that will cheer ya up.

This is the only picture I took this week. A member gave us toe socks for the cold.  My new latest look... cheetah Crocs with toe socks. (don't worry I don't wear them outside.)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tanner, Fatter, Blonder

Just a warning.  The punctuation marks on this key board are all messed up.  So if I sound bored for using so many periods I'm sorry.  Just pretend like I'm excited.

We've had lots of adventures these last two weeks that I haven't had time to write about. We'll see if I can get it all in today.

Last week we had some funny faith building experiences.  There's a Beehive (12 year old girl)  that loves to leave with us.  She got baptized in August and shes already an awesome missionary.  She reminds me of Sadie.  She's just funny like that.  But last week we were walking and we saw a jocote tree.  Jocotes are fruits that are really good.  I don't really know what to compare it to.  But they're good. So the Beehive girl wanted to get some down to eat.  This tree was huge.  So we started chucking rocks to knock some down but we just couldn't.  I didn't want to waste time and be late for our visit so I told her okay five more minutes.  This is a trial of your faith.  We can get them down.   So we kept throwing rocks as hard as we can and she was getting kinda down because we weren't having any luck.  Then along comes this guy who stops and see what were trying to do.  He picks up a stick and on the first throw he knocked a ton down.  We were shocked. We had been trying so hard.  And the Beehive girl was so happy to get her jocotes.  She just kept saying I had faith I had faith.  It was a funny way to see that when we have faith everything is possible.  Even when other people need to help us.

Now for a segment of good news, bad news.   Good news...IT STOPPED RAINING:  Rainy season is officially over.  Which means I can wear mascara again.  What a blessing.  Bad News.  ITS STILL COLD.  I have to cover my head and use hoodies to sleep like camping.  Last Monday we went to the pacas to find clothes for the cold and I had to explain how to dress in the cold to Hna E.  She pulled something off the rack and said this would be so good to sleep in.  They were a pair of snow pants.  Its been an adventure for the both of us.  Anyway... Good news...We found Samuel the Lamanite and he went to church and hes going to get baptized(!/(¡  Bad news...turns out he lives in the Elders area. So they're going to be teaching him. But the important thing is that he gets baptized.  But that's all for now with good news bad news.

Hey.  Is anyone is still doing the Book of Mormon challenge?  If so let me know.   But its not too late to start.  I think you have to read like 6 pages a day to finish by the time I get home.  Its doable.  That's probably easier to say as a missionary who has an hour to study the scriptures everyday. haha but I know you can do it.  That's probably 20 or 30 minutes every day.  And you'll be blessed for it forever.  

The other day I had to show my ID to some one in the store to buy something.  They just laughed and said That's not you.  They didn't believe it was me until I pulled out like 3 more documents showing that it was me.  Yes, the picture on my id is from when i was 16.  But even when I pulled out a more recent one from 2 years ago the lady was still suspicious.  How many tall white girls are there in this country that I could have stolen an ID from.  It just made me laugh.  Apparently I look nothing like I used to.  Hna E has told me that too when we sees old pictures of me.  I'm thinking I can nail the changes down to three things...I'm tanner, blonder, and fatter.  That about sums it up.

Hna E was never part of the Young Women's program because she got baptized when she had 20 years.  So she started her personal progress on the mission.  Its really fun to help her with all the goals and read scriptures with her.  Shes so excited about it.  I wish I would have made my personal progress a more meaningful experience.  I did it.  And I can remember a few of my projects.  But its just not the same.  Helping her with personal progress is probably better for me than it is for her. haha

This week we realize that people are so eager to believe in the Book of Mormon.  In Spanish there aren't scriptures that come with the bible and the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price all stuck together in a giant book.  We have the bible and the triple separate.  And I always get out my triple and have it on my lap during lessons ready to look up scriptures.  So this week we were in a lesson with a really nice lady who was really passionate about what she believes in in her church.  She was starting to argue with us a little.  She pointed to my triple, clearly thinking it was the Bible, and said all we need to know is in that book.  Every single thing that God wants us to know it right here.  We don't need anything more or anything less just THAT book.   It was so hard not to laugh so we just agreed with her and finished with a prayer.  Afterwards I told Hna E that I have never seen anyone receive such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon that fast.  It gave us a good laugh.  But later that week it happened again.  We were dying trying not to laugh.  But Hna E just was honest and said Hermano, wow what a miracle.  You have already testified of this book and you didn't even know what it is.  The Spirit made you know its true.!  Ah.  Good ol Libro de Mormon.

Were teaching this cute little sick grandma.  She listened to the Elders before and she has a strong testimony but shes really sick and can't really come to church.  One day when we visited her she was feeling worse than normal, so we explained blessings and that the Priesthood holders have the authority from Christ to heal people.  She quickly accepted to receive a blessing.  So we ended the lesson and went out looking for some sacerdocio.  We ran across the high way to a members house (that's just how you get from point A to point B.  There's no other way to cross.) and within 5 minutes we had 2 priesthood holders at her house to give her a blessing.  The next day she felt good enough to go out walking with her friends.  She has a lot of faith.  It was a good reminder of the power of the priesthood.  That's really the only difference in this church when it come down to it.  This church has the authority of Christ.  It works miracles.  I'm so thankful for it and for the priesthood holders I know back home.  Its really good to know that even in Guatemala a priesthood blessing is only a jay walk across the highway away.

Love you.

Hermana Haymond

some sisters in our zone

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So. Cold.

Its been so cold.  Someone please send me what the temperature is because I can't tell if I'm not used to the cold or if it really is cold.  But we're dying.

Ah!  And I'm almost out of time.  But if I don't write a lot today I'll do a recap of this week in the next email.  I won't forget anything I promise!

This week I thought of dad because I split an apple in half with my bare hands..TWICE!  Looks like jogging around the house half asleep for 30 minutes every day is really paying off.

So last month our district had the best retention.  Which means almost all of our recent converts came to church!  But today we get our prize.  We got 200 to spend how ever we wanted.  And we decided (and by we I mean the elders) to buy 2 ducks and have our cook cook them.  But we decided (and by we I mean hna E and I) that we need to use the money more wisely and buy 2 pizzas (since its 2 for 1 martes) and 1 duck.  So right now I'm waiting to go eat pizza and pato for lunch.  What a prize!  I'm actually way pumped.

Things aren't getting easier  but we are still happy!  I'm thankful for my companion and other missionaries that help me stay positive.

Well.  I have to go eat duck.  I'll send something better next week

Love you!!!

Me. Cold this morning. In my bed.  Whats the temp in el tjar chilmaltenange in ferinhit

Theres a less active family that has a lemon tree that has HUGE lemons.
They always give us like 10!

We were trying to take pictures of how wet we were after a really rainy day.
But I was too tall and she was too short.
This is my favorite.  I feel like Mike Wazowski and Sully.