Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So. Cold.

Its been so cold.  Someone please send me what the temperature is because I can't tell if I'm not used to the cold or if it really is cold.  But we're dying.

Ah!  And I'm almost out of time.  But if I don't write a lot today I'll do a recap of this week in the next email.  I won't forget anything I promise!

This week I thought of dad because I split an apple in half with my bare hands..TWICE!  Looks like jogging around the house half asleep for 30 minutes every day is really paying off.

So last month our district had the best retention.  Which means almost all of our recent converts came to church!  But today we get our prize.  We got 200 to spend how ever we wanted.  And we decided (and by we I mean the elders) to buy 2 ducks and have our cook cook them.  But we decided (and by we I mean hna E and I) that we need to use the money more wisely and buy 2 pizzas (since its 2 for 1 martes) and 1 duck.  So right now I'm waiting to go eat pizza and pato for lunch.  What a prize!  I'm actually way pumped.

Things aren't getting easier  but we are still happy!  I'm thankful for my companion and other missionaries that help me stay positive.

Well.  I have to go eat duck.  I'll send something better next week

Love you!!!

Me. Cold this morning. In my bed.  Whats the temp in el tjar chilmaltenange in ferinhit

Theres a less active family that has a lemon tree that has HUGE lemons.
They always give us like 10!

We were trying to take pictures of how wet we were after a really rainy day.
But I was too tall and she was too short.
This is my favorite.  I feel like Mike Wazowski and Sully.