Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Go Broncos!

Zone P-day activity at the Gainors home
I really love getting football updates.  Of course the year I'm out of the country the Broncos will win the Super Bowl.

So good news and bad news about the rat from last week... Bad news, he wasn't alone.  Last week we heard more of his buddies.  Good news, we found one of his friends dead in a mouse trap this morning. One more down... Count your blessings!

Hermana G and I came up with a new missionary work term: 'the treadmill.'  We contact every family we see.  So a lot of times when we're trying to get from point A to point B, we'll see families walking in the opposite direction and have to walk with them to talk to them.  We'll walk 2 blocks, then see a family and walk back 1 block.  It goes on like this until we finally get to where we need to be.  We probably pass the same spot 5 times sometimes.  And there ya have it...the treadmill.

Two weeks ago I had the most terrifying experience.  We were walking across the plazuela and I saw a tall super white guy get out of a car with his iPhone taking pictures.  He had a stripey button up shirt and jeans.  His hair was reddish brown and balding.  I had to do a double take because I swore it was dad!  Coming out of a car JUST like the one you guys just bought.  It shook me up for a good ten minutes.  My home life and my mission life are sooo different and sooo separate.  It was so terribly to throw my brain back into home life for a second and then to tell it that nope, that wasn't actually my dad.  It was the weirdest feeling ever!

We have seen so many miracles this week.  Things are really starting to pick up.  Sadly, we have changes next week and I think I'm leaving.  I know exactly what Ammon means when he said he wanted to stay with the people for a long time, maybe even his whole life.  I hope so bad I get to stay to keep working here and see the baptisms of our really pilas investigators.  But I know there are more people who need me.

I cant write until the 23rd because we're going to hear Elder Cook speak next week.

Thanks for everything!  All the prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Love Hermana Haymond