Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yesterday an apostle asked to shake my hand

My new companion!
 It's true!  Well only partly true...Yesterday Elder Cook came and spoke to all 3 of the Guatemala City missions!  It was amazing.  I'll explain more later. But before it started he said he wanted to shake every one's hands.  So we all went and he shook every single persons hand.  Kinda cool I think.

Ah!  Tuesday I had my first change of area!  I'm now in the capital and it's so different! My companion just finished her training and is so sweet!  She's from Honduras.  I thought I knew Spanish before, but no.  Maybe I can throw a few sentences together about the gospel, but small talk with my companion costs me a mountain (Is that a saying in English?...)  Maybe it's her accent that throws me off, because I feel like I understand more of what the people here say. But anyway, this area feels like a whole different mission.  The people learn faster.  There are more cars (AND FEWER DOGS!  I have a feeling those two are related).  The buildings are different.  We have a shower! Our house is way different.  It kinda feels like my apartment at BYU.  Kinda.  The people are more well off.  There's only two of us in this area instead of four.  Way different!  But I love it!  It's hard not knowing the members or the streets or our investigators really well.  But that will come with time.

And don't worry anyone.  We've already had adventures...aka trials in disguise.  We got back to our house Tuesday night, my first night here.  And our phone wouldn't work para nada.  And we HAVE to call our leaders every night so they know we're still alive. We didn't have our district leaders number or our zone leaders number and there weren't any pay phones around our house.  So we went and asked a member if we could use their phone.  I called President for help because it was the only number I had.  He was really nice, as always, and helped me.  But it was just kinda annoying to have to get calls through the members phone.  They'd have to come knock on our door and say 'your zone leaders are on the phone.'  We had a lot of plans to coordinate with them so it was a sticky situation.  But it worked out fine in the end.  Just a nice little welcome to the area stress.

Before I forget...shout outs to mom (I got your dear elders...THANK YOU!) and Nate (AHH!!! Coolest mission call ever...Anaheim California Vietnamese speaking.  Who wouldda guessed.)

Random news...I think I'm gaining weight.  Weirdest miracle of my life!  But that will probably quickly change now that I'm not living by the Gainors. Dang.

So yesterday, lots of awesome people spoke.  The area seventy spoke and other general authorities.  Also Elder Cook of course.  Somethings they said that I really liked...

Elder Amado of the 70 said Prayer requires listening too.  Time to pray is sacred.  Jeremiah said that the gathering of Israel/missionary work would be a bigger miracle than the parting of the Red Sea. 

Elder Cook said some cool things to start.  He said that next week when he's in the temple with President Monson and the other Apostles, he's going to tell them how he felt when he shook our hands.  He also had his cute wife lead us in some hymns, because she loves doing that.  It was so cute!  She had us sing Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel and do different effects and actions with every verse. It was adorable!  Elder Cook talked to us about loving the people.  He said that in D&C 20:37 it says people need to be humble to be baptized.  He explained how the people in this country have been prepared to meet these requirements.  Also he said to love your companion, mission presidents, and most importantly the Lord.  He said to become part of the ward.  He left us with some powerful blessings and testimony.  More than anything, it was just so amazing to hear from a special witness of Christ.  I know what he said to us is just what Christ would say.  As a missionary, hopefully I can come a little bit close to saying and doing what Christ
I love you all!  Thanks for all the support and prayers as always would.  This is probably the only time in my life that I'll come close to being a true disciple of Christ.  But I'm so thankful for the chance I have to try!
I love you all!  Thanks for all the support and prayers as always!

Saying good bye to my last area

Saying goodbye

I loved this area