Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Challenge

First...I want to see where everyone is in the Book of Mormon challenge that I made before I left.  It was to read one page of the Book of Mormon everyday and finish by the time I get home.  Everyone should be at least half way done!  What have you learned?  If you haven't started (or if you started and forgot about it), it's not too late!  Since I'm half way done, read 2 pages every day.  It's not that much!  Maybe 10 or 15 minutes every day.  Whether you don't know what the Book of Mormon is or you've read it 100 times, 2 pages each day from that book will change your life.  There is power in those words!
It was really fun to talk to the family on Sunday!  I feel like I was really boring and didn't say much.  But I hope it was fun for you guys.  It still feels so unreal.

This morning we found 3 REALLY BIG zanpopos de mayo (the bugs we're going to eat).  So we've gotten a good start on that.  It's always so exciting when we find one.  Sometimes it happens during lessons and we have to stay calm and wait until after to get it.  I hope we can cook them soon though because changes are coming and I'm getting hungry.

Yesterday we had an adventure (when do we not have adventures??).  We were doing our personal study like always and all of a sudden we get a phone call.  I answer and it's an Elder from the office saying 'Hermana Haymond.   This is an emergency.  You need to be in the Church office building in 40 minutes.'  Turns out that Hna W was never taken to finish her visa info while she was in the CCM.  So we spent most of the day doing that.  It was kinda crazy, but we made it fun.  On the way there we were freaking out and saying 'T minus 13 minutes until you get deported.'  But she didn't get deported.  Thank goodness.  I don't think I could handle another mini missionary right now.

Rainy season has officially started.  It's so great!  I've missed the rain!  I'm always praying that I don't get sick of it by the time I go home.  About 2 weeks ago we were knocking doors in this really skinny ally way and it started pouring!  It went from clear skies to flash flood in about 10 seconds!  When it rains like that the streets just turn into rivers, and it's even worse in the allies where there's no where for it to drain.  So there we were drenched in this crazy little hidden street of Guatemala with everyone rejecting us, and we were as happy as could be.  Hermana W, being as awesome as she is, just started busting up laughing.  She so cleverly pointed out that in this mission, we are NEVER dry.  We're either sweating like crazy or drowning in the rain.  It's so true.  But I'm glad the rain is back.  It feels good to suffer a little more.

Lately we've used a really awesome Mormon message to help investigators and less actives and members and everyone.  And it really helps me too!  I think in English it's called Thanks to Him.  Everyone should watch it.  Or maybe even have a Family Home Evening about it.  It's really short but super powerful about how Christ give us hope.  Hope to do the impossible.  Hope to have new beginnings.  Hope to be happy.  Hope to be resurrected.  I really love it.  It talks about how we can have new beginning time and time again thanks to all that the Savior gave for us.  It applies to everyone.  We've seen it motivate a family who hasn't been to the temple and stopped going to church.  We've seen it help an investigator who doesn't quite feel good enough.  I've seen it help me remember my own conversion.  I know that Christ never gives up on us.  We can rely on Him time and time again.  Watch the video and seek Christ! 

Love you all!

Editors note- I think the Mormon message she is talking about is called Because of Him.  

Turns out my camera has a panoramic option.  
This is me embracing my area on our roof yesterday
this is what our residencial looks like from our roof