Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mota vs. Moto

It's been another good week!  I love it more and more every day.  Time is flying by and it makes me sick.  But I'm doing good.  There's lot of work to do.

My companion is doing great!  She's so stinkin cute.  We joke around with each other a lot.  She likes to mess with me and I just can't take her seriously because she's so little!  I was looking at her clothes the other day and she has some stuff from the Childrens Place. How precious!  But she's tough for being so little!  I'm impressed everyday.

I'm healthy and happy.  My only issue right now is that I'm always itchy.  I'm pretty sure we have fleas but lets be honest that's just part of living in the mountains.  But I'm really not too upset about it. I've thought it through really well and I'd take fleas over lice any day.

Lately everyone has been trying to marry me off.  And the weird thing is, is that it's never guys who are asking me to stay and marry them.  It's their moms!  These little ladies just slide a little half joking comment in the conversation, like 'Oh.  We'll see if you end up staying in Guatemala as my daughter in law!'   My companion thinks it's hilarious because she knows that I don't think it's hilarious.

So about 5 month ago there were only elders in this area.  So all the people are used to calling missionaries Elders.  And we've gotten a kick out of it lately because people that we don't even know will just say hi to us and be like 'Adios Elderas!!'  I really actually love it.  We can track down all of the Elders' old investigators this way.

Lately I've felt really good about my Spanish.  People have been getting me and hna b mixed up on the phone and people seem to understand me better.  But Heavenly Father is really good at humbling me.  Thank goodness.  We were talking with this inactive recent convert who has a lot of problems. He hasn't made it to church because his motorcycle is braking down. I wanted to say 'ya esta lista la moto para ir a la iglesia el domingo?'  (Is your motorcycle ready to go for church on Sunday?) But instead i said 'Ya esta lista la mota para ir a la iglesia el domingo?'  (is your weed/pot/marijuana ready to go for church on Sunday?) So that was a good embarrassing humbling experience.  Just gotta laugh at yourself and be patient Also don't tell converts to bring their weed to church...

Love you all!  Thanks for your support