Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I've been helping Hna E learn guatemalan spànish.  It's so funny to have to correct her Spanish, but here they use words that are way different here.  She's also teaching me English.  Ya know how in English when we try to speak Spanish we just put an o at the end of everything?  Well apparently in Honduras they just put a 'tion' at the end of everything to turn it into English.  Like holation and fiestation and adiosation.  So she's teaching me how to speak English from Honduras.  I'm sure no one gets why we talk so weird but we understand each other.
I've learned a lot about the importance of the gift of the Holy Ghost.  This has never happened to me in my mission but in the last few weeks we have found 6 people who got bapatized but never got confirmed!  It's so crazy.  Now they don't come to church and they aren't very strong and it's just sad.  It's such a testimony that we need the Holy Ghost to help us after baptism.  And that baptism isn't complete without it.  Now we need to work with them to see what we need to do to reactivate them and help them completely be members of the church. Its so complicated!  And it makes me so grateful that our 2 baptisms were able to get confirmed the week after their baptisms.

We saw a huge miracle this week!  I've been praying so hard to have more investigators come to church.  We really focused on explaining what church is like and inviting everyone.  So in Sacrament meeting I was sitting there and I saw that we only had 2 investigators.-  So I was trying to be thankful for that and trying to think of what we can do better when a family walked in!  We were working so hard to get them to come!  It was such an awesome reminder of how Heavenly Father really answers prayers when we do our part.

Love you all! Thank you so much always supporting me!