Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Póngase PUMPED!

more pics of santo domingo

This week was so spiritually exhausting.  But first, I have noticias...Yesterday Hna E and I found out that we are going to be staying here together for one more change!  Yay!!! It's been a fun companionship.  I'm glad we're staying.  There's lots of work to do and we are just pumped.  (That's the latest word I've taught to Hna E in English.  I always tell her 'Póngase PUMPED!'  Yay for English.)

But this week was rough.  Looking back it was rewarding too, But still rough.  We had 2 people set to be baptized on Sunday.  They live on opposite sides of our area.  But we were 100 percent sure they were getting baptized so we ran all over our area everyday to keep visiting them and make sure they were doing good.  We barely taught other lessons.  It was just nuts.  And all kinds of problems came up and they decided not to get baptized.  But Saturday we were running like crazy with lots of faith that they would still have their interviews for their baptisms.  It ALMOST worked out, but at 8:55 pm on Saturday we still didn't have any baptisms ready for Saturday. I was so sure we would baptize on Sunday.  So we went and looked for an eternal investigator who comes to church every week.  I challenged him to be baptized in his doorway.  And......he wasn't ready to get baptized either.  I was so discouraged Saturday night.  We worked so hard and we had so much faith. I felt like we did everything we could and I just didn't understand.  Sunday I was sitting waiting for church to start and I was feeling kind of down.  But all of a sudden walked in a family of converts who hasn't been to church for months.  When we last visited them they were not very happy and it was really clear that they don't have strong testimonies anymore.  But they came to church by themselves!  NO one could believe it.  The family was bawling all of sacrament meeting and they were so thankful for our visits.  
It was a good lesson for me.  It was not the miracle that I had been praying for.  It wasn't even the miracle we had been working towards.  But it was an even bigger miracle than having 2 baptisms.  It was a good reminder that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.  It was SO good to see that family in church.    Ah. trials of our faith are just exhausting.  But you've gotta love it.

So that's my story for the week.  It's probably not as cool in the letter as it was in real life.  But we're just pumped for more miracles.

Love you all!
Hna Haymond

Familia L.  a family of less actives. This family...tries my patience so much.  but I love them!  

So we always do practices during companionship study (but this picture was taken after a long day in the rain).  So lately we've been using a balloon that we got at the grand opening of Little Ceasers.  It just makes things way more fun. We're just worried about how hard it will be to baptize him by immersion.

the foto shoot with the balloon was super inspired because the
next day we found our investigator deflated.

We had cleaning checks last week.  It went fine.  But this is us cleaning.  hna E was happy.
 She is just a little punk!  I can't even describe her.  She's so funny!

My district eating Little Ceasers yesterday

Obedience with exactness.  Don't touch the Elders.
Flyer for the baile de las abuelitas that I found on the bus.

Biggish spider!