Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adventures of Alma and Amulek...Change #3!

First things first.  Yesterday we found out the Hna E and I don't have changes!  This will be my 4th change here and our 3rd change together!  Woo!  We're super pumped and we are so determined to baptize and help the ward.

I've been reading in Alma lately and I've decided that Hna E and I are like Alma and Amulek.  She's a cute little pilas convert and I trained her and now we're ready to go out and work miracles!  Just like Alma and Amulek (mas o menos).

Last Thursday we got up on the wrong side of the bed.  Actually, We woke up LATE!  It was horrible.  I opened my eyes and Hna E had just popped up to tell me 'It's really late!'  It was 6:57!!!  And we have to be out of bed by 6:30.  We always wake up at 5:30 but neither one of us heard the alarm or saw the light come in the window or anything!  It was awful. So we called president and repented really fast and forgave ourselves so we could go on with our day without feeling like losers.  Waking up late is basically one of the worst missionary sins to me.  That morning I opened my eyes and I had already sinned!!!! I hadn't even gotten out of bed and I had messed up!  What a great start to your day.  But it's funny to think about.  I'm pretty sure that only as a missionary you could wake up and already have sinned.  

So the reason Hna E woke up´was because she felt a super sharp pain in her neck.  We joked and said that Heavenly Father punched her in the neck just so we would finally get out of bed.  But the greatest part was...karma.  She made fun of me SO much 2 weeks ago when I couldn't look left because my neck hurt so bad.  And this time she couldn't look right.  She kept saying 'This is all for laughing at you, I just know it.'  She's fine now. But she learned her lesson.  Don't make fun of your trainers!  :)

Things aren't getting easier in the area but we're not losing the faith!  I really feel that we get this one more change together to work lots of miracles!  We have lots of ideas to work better with the members and to get people to church.  We have lots of really positive investigators.  Now is the time!  We just know it!  As a mission we have the goal of 400 baptisms again in November.  And I just know its going to happen!

Thanks for all your prayers!  We sure need them.

Love you!

Hna Haymond

This family is way cool.  the younger ladies in this picture are less active.  but the old grandma is so PILAS!!!  Her whole family got baptized but her and her husband.  Her husband said he was going to kill her if she got baptized.  But she kept going to church.  She told me she was SO HAPPY when he died because she could finally get baptized.  She is so shakey and fragile.  But she is always the first one in church on sundays.  she walks like 40 minutes to get to church and never misses.  so next time you think you should stay home in your jammies and not go to church, think of this little abuelita pilisimas.

So one of the Sisters who does divisions with us got addicted to this candy that comes with these little soccer player figures.  So she started giving them to us with little quotes to motivate us during our studies.  we've made a few more too.  

these ones say... 

i love how you recieve inpriation during your personal study.

 You look good when you make lesson plans.


I will wait for you!!