Friday, January 16, 2015

Dirty Clothes

My week as the nurses sidekick...We had 2 weeks in a row without going to the hospital!!  We didn't get as many phone calls because now everyone has their health cards to figure out to take care of themselves.  But we didn't go to Relief Society because we got a ton of phone calls de repente.  Went to the pharmancy once.  Started making first aid kits for all the companionships.  She had me put together the exit kits with pills to kill all the bugs and weird things inside of you at the end of your mission.  I thought that was kinda cruel.  Like  making me plan my own funeral.

It was another really good week.  We are teaching a lot of progressing people which is a blessing.  But now we've just got to help them have the desire to be baptized.  They're getting close though!

Oh PS I'm writing today because we're going to Antigua tomorrow.  PRAY THAT NO ONE HAS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL TOMORROW:  Hna N deserves a good pday in Antigua.

So in our mission there are traveling assistants to the president.  They don't have an area.  They just travel around doing divisions with everyone.  So all of a sudden last week they called us and asked if we knew anyone who could wash their clothes that same day. Because they don't have time or anywhere to do it.  So they awkwardly dropped off their dirty clothes at 6am.  The whole time we were studying we couldn't stop thinking about how weird it was that the elder's clothes were in our house.  But the sister that washes our clothes is awesome and willing to do it.  But she could not stop talking about how dirty their clothes are.  She talked about every article of clothing and all she had to do to clean it. It was just a funny conversation to walk away from.  Luckily being the nurses companion you hear a lot weirder things about missionaries, so it didn't get to us too much.  But the good news is that the elders have clean clothes.

Time is flying by.  And as it flies by realize that I love these people more and more every day.  In every lesson I just have a moment where it hits me how much I love the people we're teaching.  Even if we've known them for like 5 minutes they become really important to me really fast.  It's incredible.  Heavenly Father has some amazing children.  And it's the greatest experience ever to meet so many of them.  The members here are so amazing.  I think I feel more part of this ward than any other ward I've been in here, even though they're all great.  The contacts, even though they don't even know us really, are so cool.  And the investigators are just so special.  I'm never sad.  But whenever I just feel out of it or kinda off, I always feel better in a lesson or talking to the people.  It just feels right to talk to them and love them. They are incredible.  And the more I love them the harder and harder it gets to think about leaving them.  But I know there are lots of people I love in other parts of the world too.  Thinking about how much I love these people just makes me try to understand a little of what Christ feels for us. I can't even imagine it.  But I hope I help the people I talk to feel just a tiny bit of that love.  And I hope He can feel my love too.

I love you all!! Thanks for your prayers!!

Hna Haymond