Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Cure Lice

This email might not be that long because this computer is really good at sending pictures.  Y pues, hay que aprovechar.

Week as the nurses sidekick...bought the medicine for and made 98 first aid kits to give to each companionship.  Went to the capital for 4 doctors appointments yesterday.  Started labeling the first aid kits with instructions.  Took a nursing phone call about how to get rid of lice.  I'm a pro at that one.  That's all I will say about that!.

We went to Antigua last week and it was awesome as always!  It was just good to go one last time.  We left early as a zone and got back really early so we had time to nap and rest a little bit.  Which was so nice!

Its starting to get more and more real that the mission is ending.  It's awful.  And I'm trying so hard to accept it because I've just been in denial for so long about it. I'm just trying to enjoy every second.  It's just funny though because everyone is baggy BUT me.  Baggy is like trunky.  Like thinking about going home.  But all the elders and members are talking about how many days I have til I go home and what I'll do and how fast time is going.  But I just don't think about that at all.  It's just funny como molestan.

So sorry for the lame email.  I love you all so much!  Keep praying for me and for all the sickly missionaries!

Love you!!!!!!

This family is amazing.  They're not members but they are so pilas.  They need to get married and baptized.  But he just went to the US and wont be home for a while.  Hopefully he'll get back while I'm here. B
ut if you see him tell him to get married and baptized!

Our sketchy bags full of medicine to make first aid kits

The only missionary house in the world that has a first aid kit room.

This is what the trash looks like of two American sister missionaries.

This is us very early in the morning in the moment that we reached the
half way mark in the Book of Mormon.

My nose is sun burnt

we celebrated.


The girls in our district

So... sometimes we hang out with the elders. We happened to go to the same place for lunch in Antigua as ALL the elders in our zone.  They're great. The place is called Monoloco

We love chips and cream cheese.  Thanks to a sister that started the trend a while ago.
We put cream cheese on everything.  pancakes.  eggs.  oatmeal.  chips.  fruit.
It's not a Guatemala thing.  just us.