Thursday, January 8, 2015


My week as the nurses sidekick...We didn't have to go to the hospital!!!  Spent 5 hours in the Internet cafe on New Years Eve making a medical guide card to help the missionaries take care of their own illnesses so they don't have to bug my companion as much.  Spent 2 hours cutting and folding them.  Went to a mission counseling at the presidents house to present the new cards.  No crazy trips, but crazy none the less.

Hna N and I have the goal to read the whole Libro de Mormon in spanish this change.  We started on the second day of changes but we've gotten way behind because of all our crazy adventures.  We now need to read 15 pages every day for the rest of the change to meet the goal.  We have started reading while we do exercises in the mornings.  We are determined to do it!  But pray for us because it's a tricky goal.

New Years was normal.  The only thing that felt new yearsy was that I woke up to the sound of fireworks at 12.  But that's it.  This year my resolutions are different.  Last year I wanted to be a good missionary and stuff like that.  But this year my goals are to help me take home all this awesome habits I've formed on the mission.  Things like reading the Ensign every month, studying more spanish, doing my visiting teaching, going to the temple and going out with the missionaries on a regular basis.  Things like that.  Not going to lie.  I'm not excited at all that my mission is ending.  But I'm so excited for the kind of person I'll be when I get back, and I'm excited to keep getting better.

Sunday was a day of miracles.  We had a lot of investigators in church!  We now have 3 families progressing!  It's so amazing.  Sometimes I get so caught up about not being able to work as much when we have to do nursing stuff, but I am grateful I get to support my companion in her calling.  And Heavenly Father understands.  He blesses us so much even when things don't go our way lesson wise during the week.  He is just so merciful.  I love this work and I'm so thankful it doesn't all depend on me.  I'm thankful for His help.

Love you all!!!

Hna Haymond

Oh and I gave the toys you sent me for Christmas to the primary presidente.  She says she loves you and is so thankful for them!  I was thinking she could give them out for b-days.  And the familia O says hi and they love you all.  They're the ones who took us on the trip and sent pics.

editors note: I forgot to post these pictures a member sent to me of the road trip they took Alexis and her companion on last week.