Monday, February 17, 2014


We're going to the temple as a Zone tomorrow, so we're writing today instead.  Surprise!  Happy early email!  I'm super excited for the temple though.  It will be nice.
Sorry to disappoint but here closer to the Capital there aren't as many funny shirts in English.  But lately I've noticed a lot of knock off American brands that make me smile.  We were teaching a guy with a 'Nike' shirt on.  It had the logo but I could just tell it wasn't really made by Nike.  It had a bunch of random English words like 'Nike. Sports.  Since.'  The ´since´ made me laugh.  Whoever made it probably got that from all the shirts that say '...since 1982'  thinking it would make sense. There is also a ton of fake Hollister and abercrombie stuff.  I've seen 'hollister' baby onesies and really beadazzley non-abercrombie looking 'abercrombie' shirts.  Yesterday I saw an Aeropostale tee shirt with the American Eagle eagle on it.  Every single pair of jeans has the Hollister seagull on it sewn very convincingly on to the pocket.  It's super funny.  I always point out the real American clothes to Hna V.

We must live really close to the airport because there are always planes flying really low.  I don't like it.  It always makes me think 'Oo I wonder if that plane just came from the states!' or 'Hey next time I'll be on a plane I'll be going home.'  So I sorta hate that.

I'll try to send more pictures. There's just not a ton of stuff to take pictures of by our house.  And I don't wanna carry my camera around all the time.  I'll try to get more creative.

Fun fact we have cockroaches in our house.  I don' think I've mentioned that yet.  They don't bug me much.

Every once in a while on my mission I'll hear a TV show or a movie as we walk by houses or from the neighbors houses in our lessons.  It's the weirdest thing to hear it in Spanish.  Some of the funniest ones to hear in Spanish so far are the mice on Cinderella, Phineas and Ferb, Jake and Finn, the Chikmunks, and the voice of Abby Lee on Dance Moms.
So the whole Rice Krispie Treats thing is a huge success.  Presenting the prize in front of every one is the key.  The whole ward sees that someone is getting immediate, delicious blessings for helping us.  Right after church people come giving us references or explaining their excuses for why they haven't been able to help us yet.  It's awesome!

It's been a really good week.  Thanks to the help of the members we had a lot of investigators at church Sunday.  We also keep seeing little miracles with the recent converts who haven't come for a long time. We are preparing 6 people to be baptized next weekend!  It's going to be a miracle but Heavenly Father will make it happen! 

I still love what I do with all my heart.  It doesn't ever get easy.  Sometimes (specifically at 5:30 am) its not even fun.  But I love it with all my heart.  I know I'm where I'm supposed to be, and I love where I am.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Hermana Haymond

Alexis with Hermana G her CCM companion outside the church today at district meeting.

Alexis with her companion Hermana V who is from Hondorus