Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ya es Marzo..¡Bautizemos pues!

I've been kinda sick lately.  I have a terrible illness called gripe (aka a normal cold.  but everyone freaks out like I'm dying.  Random people on the street will say to me 'Oo..Esta mala de la gripe.'  Yes.  I have a cold.)  I feel fine to keep working and everything.  But it's been kinda rough because I cough SO much at night and I can't sleep.  It's wearin me out a little.  But there's no better cure for gripe than more hard work!

Last week I had a very unexpected test of my Spanish.  And unfortunately I did really well.  We were sitting eating lunch and the Sister that feeds us was talking to her mom.  I just kept eating and didn't think much of it.  But then I figured out that they were talking about how she donated blood that morning.  They were going on and on about needles and how she felt and what happened and about all the other people who donated blood too and how she still had the little mark in her arm...AH!  I about died.  I jumped up and started freaking out in my head.  I told them that's my biggest fear ever!  So she tried using bigger words that I didn't know, which helped a little.  But it was too late!  Ah!  I felt sick all that afternoon.  Worst timing ever for the language barrier to fail.

This week was kinda crazy.  We had divisions with the training sisters (which is always awesome.  I learn so much!), a big meeting with President Brough and half the sisters in the mission to learn about weekly planning, a big weekend, and a temple trip.  Lots of big things.  But it all worked out good!
We had a wedding and 3 baptisms this weekend!  It was a crazy, stressful, beautiful experience.  I love baptizing families, but weddings...not my favorite.  Everything was running late and no one was showing up and there was lots of stuff that was out of my control and I just had to sit and not freak out.  But it turned out good!  They were really happy!  Thanks to the members it wasn't too awful.  I also learned a lot from the baptisms.  I mostly learned that I am the worst baptism planner ever.  I forgot so many little details and our speakers didn't show up and..ah!  Very stressful.  But I just prayed that I'd be able to enjoy the moments when they went into the water.  And Heavenly Father really did help me on that one.  It was such an awesome experience.  The actual baptism is so simple.  It's over in seconds.  But the quiet and peace and love that I can feel seeing Heavenly Father's children take one step closer to returning to Him is incredible. As missionaries we get to see them all in white.  I look at them and think about the kind of people they were when I met them.  I think about all that they've been through, all the changes they've made to follow Christ, how they've allowed the Atonement to help them.  All dressed in white, I get to see a glimpse of the potential that they have as Heavenly Father's children.  It's amazing.

Thanks for your love and for thinking of me!  Keep praying.  I need every blessing I can get because we have to fight this month.

Love you all!

Hermana Haymond

 Zone temple trip
 Hermana Haymond and Hermana V at the temple
  Wedding of W & M

Signing their marriage document thing.
weddings here are really official.  not all fancy and cutesy.  its them sitting at a table listening to a lawyer read their rights and obligations.  then they sign. and ya estuvo

Baptism of P

P with her brother who baptized her

Baptism of W & M

Alexis looks very happy to see so many people wearing white!