Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We're not going to talk about football

Not for any reason in particular, but I'm very thankful that I am in a country where no one cares about football.  Just a random thought.  (I'm sure I'll be seeing lots of Broncos Super Bowl Champ jerseys here soon.)

Things are good with Hermana V.  We're becoming better friends everyday! It's fun having a Latina  companion.  The other day during exercises she tried to jump rope for the first time which was so cute!  And last night we were teaching each other tongue twisters and really hard words to say in English and Spanish.  How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood is basically the funniest thing the people here have ever heard. I learned to say the word for ear nose and throat doctor, which just sounds ridiculous in Spanish.  I'm not even going to try to spell it on here, so that can be your homework to look up.

Today was a big day in our mission...WE GOT CELL PHONES!  We're the only mission in central America to have them.  So if no one else gets them this year it's our fault.  But it's so exciting!  I don't even know what to do with it.  I feel like I'm sinning just holding it But it really will help us work more effectively, especially with the members.

This week I spoke with a lawyer in Spanish over the phone to coordinate a wedding.  Talk about the gift of tongues.  I'm sure I couldn't even speak to lawyers in English to save my life.

I always think of really good things to say but then I forget them when I'm writing.

We had interviews with President Brough today.  I can't even explain how amazing he and Hermana Brough are.  I wish that everyone could serve in this mission just to have them be a part of your life.

When Elder Cook spoke, he left us with some really powerful blessings and promises.  He specifically said that the people here would have their hearts be softened even more and be more prepared to hear the gospel.  This last week we have already see that in action.  The Lord gives people problems and needs so that the people will need Him.  It's such a blessing to get to be His instrument in bringing these people light into their lives.

Be praying for 400 baptisms in the mission in March.  It's going to happen!  I know it!

Thanks so much!

Hermana Haymond