Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mini Mission

This week has been way different.  I received a mini missionary.  She isn't a full time missionary, but she's getting ready to go on a mission when she's 19.  It's been an adventure!  I have to teach her everything because she hasn't even been to the MTC or anything.  We're both learning a lot!  She's getting better every day.

We had a recent convert (a guy in his 70s who got baptized my first weekend here) with a taxi take Hna Vasquez and I to the change meeting where we switch companions.  On the way he picked up another guy who was going to that area too.  The second the guy got in the taxi the convert said 'Hey! Come on in!  These are my Sisters and we're the Mormons!  Here!  Read this!' and he pulled out a Book of Mormon from the glove box.  He went on and on about how he just got baptized and how it's changed his life and how he really ought to come to church with us.  It was so hilarious and so awesome!  The cool thing is that the guy is super pilas!  He knows some other members and read 1 Nefi 1 in the taxi.  We haven't been able to visit him yet though.  But it was so cool to see this new member giving his Book of Mormon to a stranger and sharing his experiences.  Ah!  I love moments like that!

Last week I learned that I'm not a fan of cow tongue.  We went to a members how for lunch like always.  And she usually cooks really good!  But I quickly realized that we were about to have a stew with chunks of cow tongue.  I tried a little bit and it just weirded me out.  The flavor wasn't bad, and the texture was survivable.  But I could not get over the fact that there were chunks of an animals tongue on my tongue.  So I strategically got it out of the soup and into the trash without anyone realizing.

Yesterday was a really good p-day.  We actually ended p-day 2 hours early as a mission.  We went to work at 3, because we are going to baptize 400 people.  Hay que trabajar!  But yesterday we went out to lunch and ate ALOT of really good food.  We got the family special...4 hamburgers, 2 pieces of chicken, a pizza, and pop.  We ate almost all of it and didn't think much of it.  Then the Elders came into the restaurant and order just 1 hamburger each.  Hna C and I just laughed.  I'm glad the love of food is consistent in all of my companionships.

Sunday was a great day!  We had our first baptism of March!  It was really amazing because she's the first person I've baptized that I've known from the first visit all the way until baptism.  Her sister got baptized last month and her brothers are already members.  It was really cool to see the gospel bless one more member of their family.  She is a really sweet girl and I'm so thankful to be part of her life.  Her testimony is so strong and she's so grateful for all she's learned.  It's such a privilege to be a small part of people's conversions.  It's so humbling to see how much they thank us and love us for what we do.  We don't do anything!  We teach a little in a language  we don't know.  The investigators put it in practice.  They change their lives, not us.  We just get the opportunity of seeing them receive those blessings.

Keep praying for 400 baptisms!  I'm excited to see it happen! Thanks for all your love!

Hermana Haymond
I got an email from someone probably from the ward Alexis is serving in with
 these pictures and a message saying this:
 Aquí esta hermana haymond sirviendo con todos los deseos de su corazón,
sin importar las condiciones. Del ambiente lo ara y lo seguirá haciendo porque en
 el mundo hay muchas almas de oro.
Google Translated it to say: 
Here Haymond sister serving with all the desires of your heart, no matter the conditions. What ara environment and will continue because in the world there are many souls gold.

I loved it and love the people there who are watching out for Alexis!

Hermana Haymond with her new companion Hermana C.  In an email to me she said they were not able to teach as many people because her new companion had not learned to walk fast yet!  I am sure it is hard for short Guatemalans to keep up with the Haymond long legs!