Tuesday, March 4, 2014

¿Dulce o Acido?

Good news...I don't have changes!  Which I'm so happy about!  I love this area so so much.  The people (members, nonmembers, everyone) are super awesome!  But Hna V is going.  Which is hard for her because it's her first area.  It's rough to leave.  We'll find out who my new companion is tomorrow.

This last week we figured out that a bakery right by our house sells the most delicious donuts!  I never would have guessed that the worlds best donuts are in Guatemala but it's true.  And they're only 1 Quet each!  That's only 4 tortillas (or 12 cents, for all of you gringos using the dollar)!  It's really a great deal!  This week we bought a total of 41 donuts.  It's just a nice little highlight in our day.  But it's a good thing there are a lot of pacas here, because I'm sure I'll need bigger skirts soon.

The other day I taught Hna V how to play 'Sweet or Sour', where you wave or say hi to someone and see if they're friendly or not.  She thought it was awesome!  She made us do a competition to see which one of us could get the most 'sweet' people the fastest.  It was just funny to see how excited a 20 year old got about Sweet or Sour. 
I also explained to her what 'creeper' means.  (There's not a word for that in Spanish, but there really should be.)  She was kinda starting to get it, but it wasn't clicking.  Later that day she was contacting and asking for the address, and it turned out she already knew exactly where he lived.  I then pointed out that as missionaries, we are the perfect example of creepers.  From that moment on she fully understood what a creeper is.

I forgot to mention that we went to the temple in my last email.  As always the temple was really good.  Its not in our mission but we have permission to go as zone activities every once in a while.  We can also go every 6 months on our own.  It was so nice.  Sitting in the celestial room is like the only place in the world where I as a missionary can feel calmed down.  We have to work work work sooo hard all the time and my brain can never rest.  But in the temple its nice because I know I'm allowed to sit down on a couch for a second and just enjoy it.

Oh and I'm feeling better by the way.  I figured mom would want to know that at least.

We are seeing so many miracles here.  The people we're teaching are progressing really well.  There are always challenges, but Heavenly Father is helping us know how to help them.  I could go on forever about how amazing the members here are.  They have really embraced President Monson's counsel about working together with the missionaries.  They visit investigators who didn't come to church.  They read the Book of Mormon with them.  They give us references.  If you haven't helped the missionaries in your ward this week, repent and go help them.  Not because I said so, but because the Prophet said so.  We cannot do this without you.  I know that the members are a huge part of the miracles we're seeing.

Love you all!  Thanks for all the amazing support and prayers!
Hermana Haymond