Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ah Fruit Loops, an American Favorite

Ah!  The mission keeps going by faster and faster.  I feel like I just wrote.
We were teaching a couple that just got baptized and they asked me if I liked cereal.  I say yes and then they told me they had a surprise for me.  They brought out a bag of knock off  Fruit Loops from Malt O Meal.  They were all excited and said 'these are for you!'  They had gotten it, but don't eat much cereal so they decided to give it to me because it's an American company.  They were excited that I had heard of Malt o Meal before.  I do like Fruit Loops but it was just so funny that they thought to give something like that to me.  I'm going to make rice krispie treats out of them.  Everyone is going to go nuts.

It's always fun having companions from different countries.  I've had to teach Hna C how to use the microwave (I stopped her from putting a whole pan in there this week), how to make rice krispie treats, how to shop for groceries and what songs in English really mean.  She always asks what song titles mean because she listens to a lot of music in English like a lot of people here.  Its always funny to think about how different life is in the states.

Things are going really well.  We've found even more people who are getting ready to be baptized.  We even found someone on Wednesday that already met with missionaries and is going to be baptized with us this weekend!  Heavenly Father is always helping us meet our goals!  Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!

How to wash your clothes in the pila

First you fill the pila with water then you get
 your clothes wet

Then you rub soap all over it

then you stretch and pull the clothes and rub it
again the textured bottom of the
pila until its super bubbly

Then you rinse out all the bubbles.

And then ya hang it up to dry!