Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's a Girl!

Hna V! my mini mini-missionary
Yesterday I found out I'm going to be training next change!  I'm going to have my first hija.  I guess the mini missionaries are my hijas too.  They're like daughters that I have to give up for adoption.  But this will be different.  I'm excited to be a trainer, but I still have no idea how to be a missionary.  I'm sure I'll be the one learning the most.
Things are going way better this week!  We got back into the swing of things really fast after my not so funny April Fools joke.  My new companion is a hard worker and I'm so thankful for that! It's hard to be happy when we're not working our hardest.
I just love the people in my area!  The other day it rained really hard and we didn't have umbrellas.  One of the sisters in our ward saw us and made us change into dry clothes from her daughter.  It was funny because she wouldn't leave with us to go on our visits until we were in dry clothes.  There are lots of nice people here that take care of me!
Conference was awesome!  I got to hear it in English, which is always so nice!  Hearing Elder Hollands voice is good enough reason for everyone in the world to learn English.  You can't not believe that the church is true when you hear the voices of prophets like him.  I love going and teaching after conference.  We teach A LOT about prophets and how the church of Jesus Christ HAS to have prophets and 12 apostles.  It's the coolest thing ever to testify about a living prophet and say that I just heard his voice. 

It was also really interesting to invite people to conference.  We found a guy outside of his house on Saturday and started teaching him.  To start off I asked him what he would give to listen to a prophet of Jesus Christ.  He told me he'd give up his job to go listen.  So we kept teaching and explained the Restoration.  Then we invited him to General Conference and he told us he'd love to but he couldn't come because he had to work.  People are just funny like that.  But it's interesting to ask them questions like that, questions that really make them think.
What have you all learned from Preach My Gospel lately?  Today I was reading about Patience.  I really like how it says that Patience is when we have hope and happiness even though there are problems.  A lot of times we expect to be rescued immediately from our problems, but we fail to see that we need to exercise Patience.  It reminded me of President Uchtdorfs talk.  We need to be thankful people.  We cant just be thankful for things when life is good.  We need to be patient and be grateful when things are rough too.  That way we can really trust in Gods will.
Everything is going good.  Heavenly Father is always blessing us with pilas investigators.  It's such a miracle!  We had high goals in March, and we can't lower them much for April.  We keep seeing the hand of God more and more in the work.  There's no reason to take a break.
Thanks for all your emails and love and prayers!
Hermana Haymond