Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Semana Santa

I cant believe Easters already here!  Easter here is a week long.  There aren't any bunnies or peeps or eggs.  It's more like Spring Break.  No one has school all week and everyones traveling.  The only Eastery thing is that there are lots of processions.  So thats interesting.  People love hearing about Easter in the States.  They think it's be so much cooler to have an Easter Bunny.

Speaking of Easter Bunnies...we've had a visitor at our house.  I went outside one morning and there was a HUGE bunny in our patio/backyard pila area.  Its really cute.  Definitely someone's pet.  We have no idea how it got there because there are huge solid walls on all sides of our patio and the ground is concrete.  But it got in somehow. When we got back that night it was gone.  No where to be found!  That same night when I was sleeping I woke up to thumping sounds on the roof, but went back asleep thinking it was the wind.  In the morning we were outside doing exercises and Hna V freaked out and noticed the bunny on our roof!  Ever since then we see it every once in a while on our patio.  We can't have pets so we don't know what to do!  We didn't invite it or anything.  We feed it corn flakes and bananas whenever we find it.  We have no idea where it came from or where it goes or how it gets around.  But I'm convinced it's the Easter Bunny visiting me from the States.

Lately we've been bringing our recent converts on visits with us more often.  It's been a really awesome experience.  Their testimonies are so fresh and strong!  And their stories really help the investigators realize that theyre not the only ones to go through the conversion process.  I cant explain the joy that I have felt hearing my converts share their testimonies.  It's so hard not to cry when I hear them tell about how the Gospel has changed their lives to someone who doesn't quite believe yet.  Hearing them say that the church is true is so powerful for me.  I really can't explain it.  But I wish everyone could experience that feeling.  I'm thankful that I was able to help them get to the point of knowing those things.

Things have been really good.  People are progressing and we see more and more miracles every day.  Heavenly Father is letting me recieve a lot of blessings and I'm so thankful for it!  I'm thankful that I get to represent Jesus Christ this week.  Remember what He did during this week.  Remember that you are the reason why He did it.  I know that He died for our sins.  But more importantly I know that He lives and loves us.

Happy Easter!

Hermana Haymond
making fruit loop rice krispie treats with hna v.  shes so cute

Y got baptized!!!!

The family of Faustino and Patty minus 2 kids.
This family is so cool.  The dad was a pro soccer player in Honduras.  Their kids are so cute!  Faustino and Patty are going to get married and baptized the last weekend of this month.