Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Golden Than the Plates

We are just having a blast here.  Hna W is so positive and happy all the time!  She is learning so fast and never complains.  She is such a good example to me.  It's great!  It's fun being with someone fresh out of the states because she points out to me all the things that are now normal to me...like how gross the dogs are, how different the doors are, how horribly I speak English. We're always talking about funny things and laughing at ourselves.

 Funny quotes from this week...

'Where's that scripture about the stupor of thought?' me while teaching a convert about the Holy Ghost.

'She's more golden than the plates!'  Hna W when she was so excited about our golden investigator that's getting baptized on the 11th.

'Hurry!  We need to do a scorpion check!'  Last week we found a scorpion in our house and ever since then I've been paranoid that there's somehow going to be a scorpion in my bed.  So now we have to do a scorpion check before we turn out the lights.  It's just part of the routine now.

'We have to take the cake!'  Our District Leader started a competition last week to see who could get the most lessons with member and most investigators at church.  The winner would get a cake. All week our motto was 'Take the cake!'  And we did!  It was delicious.

We had a pretty fun P-day yesterday.  Nothing too exciting to non missionaries but it was just what we needed.  We started off by getting ice cream donut sundaes.  It's a giant sundae on top of a donut.  Why choose donut or Sundae when you can just have both!  Then we went and I bought a new backpack (my third one.  I actually let myself spend a little more on this one so it better last!) and a new watch.  Then we went and got Buffalo wings, which were soo good.  Everyone thought we were nuts because it's super spicy to them (Someone here once described Ranch dressing to me as spicy.  It's so funny!).  But it was delicious.  

We had another successful wedding this weekend.  Thankfully each one gets less and less stressful.  The members helped us out SO much!  This is seriously probably how Zion is.  The Relief Society and Presiesthood and Primary and YM / YW all had something to bring.  Then on top of that we had members calling us and asking what else they could do, if they could make a dress for the bride, if they could lend a suit, if they could help in any way.  It was so cool!  Everyone was so excited for their boda and baptism and the whole ward was involved in everything.  It didn't matter how much time it required or the sacrifice they'd have to make.  The members just gave what they could.  It was so cool to see!  All the members were thanking us for helping this family come into the church.  But the truth is that we couldn't have done it without them.

Heavenly Father keeps blessing us.  When we're not sure who we're going to baptize next He leads us right to the people who are prepared.  We have high goals again this month and He is already helping us be successful!  We are so blessed!  And it's all because of the help of the members too.  There are always little trials, but they just help me be that much more grateful for all the miracles that we see.  We have a lot of investigators that are more golden than the plates right now.  Heavenly Father loves us!

Thanks for all your love and prayers!

Hermana Haymond

J's baptism!!!

He was supposed to be there at 5:30 on Friday and didn't show up until 6:30.  He doesn't have a phone to call so needless to say we had a heart attack.  But he showed up and got baptized and confirmed Sunday.

J & P's  Boda!!!!
Each wedding get less and less stressful

F and P's youngest daughters.  C and G.  They are so cute!

Baptism of F & P!  yay!!

Another sister found them in December.  She kinda stopped teaching them because they weren't coming to church.  But we kept with them when I got here and they started coming to church and Love it!  He's a pro soccer player from Honduras and they have 6 kids.  Their daughter in the picture was baptized a few weeks ago.  Another one is getting baptized the 11th.  They're an awesome family.