Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Can Never Really Complain

It's been another good week.  I can really never complain.  There are always things to keep me happy.  This is just a happy calling.

Sundays are the most stressful day of the week.  We have to make sure all the investigators get to church and all the converts.  And its the last day to meet our goals for the week.  And we have to talk to all the members at church to see when they can come help us.  It's just crazy.  Not how Sunday is at home.  So to help us cope with the stress we are now calling Sunday 'PDay Eve.'  It just makes it sound so much calmer.  And it's funny because it totally works.   Pday eve goes way smoother than Sunday.
Yesterday I tried on the jeans I brought here and they still fit.  So that's a huge accomplishment.  We'll see how long that lasts.

The World Cup started this week.  We don't read the newspaper or watch tv or anything.  But the second it started we just knew.  Everyone is always talking about it.  There are brackets you can buy to track the scores and how all the games are going.  Everyone has their favorite teams and watches the games.  Nothing SUPER crazy has happened yet.  Mostly just people talking about it.  It's super cool to be here for it though.  EVERYONE loves soccer.  Hna W and I are thinking that we should coincidentally wear red white and blue the next time the US plays.  We've also considered getting really excited when we hear that Germany wins, just to make people think we're from Germany (Peoples guesses are always USA, Germany, and Russia, when they ask where we're from).  I thought we wouldn't be able to get any lessons in during the World Cup but it hasn't affected the work at all.  SO that's really lucky. I'm sure it will get crazier and crazier though.

Hna W and I are always happy, even when we're miserable and suffering.  Its really quite a talent we've developed.  The other day it started POURING rain.  Like the streets turning into rivers kind of rain.  It was awesome.  But as we were waiting to cross the street a car raced by and splashed us.  We just laughed.  I've decided that trying to stay dry on rainy days here is like trying to stay dry on those amusement park raft rides.  Not matter how hard you try, you just end up soaking wet in clothes that aren't meant for getting wet.

Sunday was the baptism of the girl who just got permission from her parents to be baptized.  It was so awesome! (I can't send pictures today for some reason.  But she's so cute!) It's soo cool to see how necessary baptism is.  She had been going to church for almost a year and goes to seminary and knows lots about the Gospel.  She's super obedient and humble.  Just an all around good person and a good example.  But after she was baptized she just looked so happy!  It's cool that even someone who is practically a member of the church gets that glowy look after being baptized.  I loved seeing that.  

Thanks so much for all the emails and love!

Love you all!

Hna Haymond