Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Name That Band

Hna W and I are just having too much fun here.  We have seen so many miracles with our investigators.  Its so clear that Heavenly Father needs these peoples to be baptized really soon!  People are getting work off to come to church, quitting smoking over night, finishing divorces to get married to their new spouses.  It's incredible!  I am so thankful to be on Heavenly Father's side.  Otherwise none of these things would be happening.

Exciting things always happen right after I write home.  Last Tuesday we were were knocking a door.  We didn't know who lived there but our plans had all fell trough so we started knocking.  I'm just standing there waiting for someone to answer when I feel a sudden sharp pain in my calf.  I look down and there's a dog.  I freaked out and started shouting to hna W 'That dog just bit me!  Go!  Go!  Come on we have to leave!'  over and over again.  This random dog had come up to me out of NOWHERE!  It didn't bark or growl or anything!  Just slowly walked up to me, bit me, and slowly walked away like nothing had happened.  And, being the overly happy missionaries that we are, we just started laughing once we got to safety.  So we called the nurse and after things calmed down I could see that it really wasn't that bad.  It really scratched me with its teeth more than anything.  But it was hard enough to bruise and draw blood.  So, to make sure I didn't have rabies, we went back to the house where we saw the dog, found the owner, and asked if it had been vaccinated.  He said yes and everything was fine.  But we taught him (he mostly accepted because he felt bad) and he's pretty positive!  So we decided that dog was inspired.  Why would a dog bite me just enough to talk to the owner, but not enough to impede the work?  So that we could baptized the owner of course!  But I'm fine.  We're pretty sure the dog is healthy.  We just have to go back today to make sure the dog isn't dead, because if so I will probably be dead soon too.  Just kidding.  I'd probably just have to get crazy shots and that's basically like dying to me.

Last week Hna W and I invented a game called name that band.  We say things we see on the street that we think would make a good band name.  Some of my favorites are  Four and a Half Soles,  Abandoned Diaper, Sandy Doo, Dirty Sugar Bags, Discarded Popsicle Stick, Smashed Pig Head, and Flies on Trash on Rat Guts.   

It's been raining a lot lately. I love it!  The streets flood here super easily.  We had a meeting at the church on Friday.  We went in to leave our backpacks and when we got out THE WHOLE PARKING LOT AND THE STREET WAS FLOODED!  We walked through it being super brave and invincible like all missionaries are.  But then looking back we realized that all those hilarious band names we had seen earlier were floating in the street.  It was basically a huge stew of garbage.  Even the neighbors wouldn't get through it to leave their houses.  It was crazy!  (I really hope Grandpa Haymond survived reading this email up to this point without passing out. Dog bites, trash on the ground, and his oldest grand daughter walking through sewer water.  I'm sure he's so proud of me)

We're also teaching this cute little kid!  He's so pilas and always has his Book of Mormon and his pamphlets ready to go.  But Sunday we were teaching him about Baptism and repentance.  SO I asked him 'Have you ever heard of repentance?'  He confidently said 'Yeah.  That's when there's a man and a woman and they become boyfriend and girlfriend and then they...'  I quickly cut him off and tried so hard not to die laughing.  We explained what repentance was and he finally got it.  Then we showed him a picture of Jesus getting baptized.  It has John the baptist with his arm to the square about to baptize Jesus.  SO I asked the kid.  What's happening in this picture.  He said 'Jesus is respecting him.  Wait no...He's healing him.  Wait no...That guy is hitting Jesus!! Why is he hitting him!!!'  He was freaking out because to him it looked like John the Baptist was hitting, not baptizing.  We had to try to explain what was going on without totally busting out laughing.  this kid is hilarious.

I'm so thankful to be serving here with such amazing missionaries and investigators and members.  I love it!  Thanks for all the support and for keeping me happy!

Love you!
Hna Haymond
It looks so wimpy in the pictures.  I debated not even sending them home
because you cant even see it.  But this is me with my dog bite.
It rained a little bit Friday!
M who got baptized the 15th!
M who got baptized the 15th!  Her and some of the the young women