Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adios Petapa

My birthday was way good!  We met the new mission president in the morning so I got lots of happy birthdays from lots of missionaries.  President Markham and Hna Markham are way nice!  I felt their love right from the start.  They also expect us to be obedient with exactness and I'm so thankful for that.  Anyways...later on Weds night we had a lesson with some members and recent converts.  They all shared little thoughts about why they appreciate me.  It was so cute!  I just don't feel deserving of any of it!  They all work so hard to follow Christ.  They have taught me so much!  It's just such a special friendship.  But one of the sisters in the ward made me a super good cake!  They also tried to get me to smash my face in it.  But I still refused.  Everyone wanted to sing in English. It was so funny.  They sang in English, then counted up to twenty to empathize how old I am.  Then they all demanded cake.  I just love it!

And of course, after coming to love these `people with all my heart, I'm leaving this area tomorrow.  I just bawled yesterday.  I feel like such a wimp.  But I really do love these people.  I just have to keep reminding myself that this is how I felt when I left Antigua.  I know I will love the people in my next area just as much.  AH.  But this is hands down the worst part of the mission I'd say.

For 4th of July we didn't really do anything.  We wore red white and blue kinda.  And we ate hamburgers.   But it was a good day!  Holidays and birthday on the mission aren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be.

Thanks for much for the birthday wishes and for the prayers!  Love you all!  Next week you'll know where I go!  Ah! How crazy!

Love you all!

Hna Haymond

F's baptism the last Sunday of June!!!  Its him and his little brother and M!!

My favorite part of my birthday package!!!!!
(editors note: When I asked her if she needed/wanted anything for her birthday she asked for one of my missionary name tags from way back when.  The scripture marked is Alma 56:47-48.  Talk about bringing tears to a mothers eyes!)

P-day activity last week!  Me and my cake that I did not get all over my face

This is us, M, F (who just got baptized) and R (our ward mission leader.  Hes super pilas!  He's like a brother to me!  I bawled when I said bye to him.  he has planned so many weddings and does so much for us.)  They left to visit investigators with us last night.  It was so cool they were contacting and teaching just like missionaries.

This is usually a street.

this is what I looked like my last day of being a teenager

This picture is super blurry.  But these are the people from my b-day party family home evening

We saw a rhinasorus beetle.  Natures cool.

Zona El Frutal

districto margarita