Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Failed Scorpion Check

Welp.  I'm in the mountains again!  I really like the area.  We've been having a ton of lessons and finding lots of new investigators.  My companion is from Costa Rica.  She's been here on the mission for 3 months.  She works hard and learned a lot from her training.  It's always a littler weird getting used to new area and companions but we're doing good.  It's a little colder, but not too bad.  It hasn't rained as much.  The people are super cool.  Our house is really big.  There are a lot of things that are way different.  But I like it here!

So on Tuesday night hna W and I has one last crazy adventure before changes.  At like 11 I shifted in my bed a little and all of a sudden I felt a ton of pain in my knee.  Something had bit me.  So I calmly got Hna W to turn on the flashlight to see what it was.  I didn't dare move, but finally I managed my way out of the bed. The pain was shooting up my leg super fast, so we decided it was okay to sin and turn on the lights to see what was wrong.  We gently lift up the covers and...THERE'S A SCORPION IN MY BED!  As always, we just busted up laughing.  The first few days that Hna W got there we found a little teeny scorpion and we did scorpion checks every night for a week, where we would lift up the blankets to make sure there weren't scorpions.  But of course, we should have been doing scorpion checks the whole time.  So anyway, we're freaking out.  And my knee is swelling up and my leg is burning and we're just laughing staring at this terrifying animal in my bed!  So we get ourselves together and called the nurse.  Everything was fine and it was very unlikely that it was poisonous. I could walk so there was nothing to worry about. The challenge was killing the dumb thing!  It would not die! We had no idea how I was ever going to get to bed.  As I was talking to the nurse I kept seeing Hna W coming out of the kitchen with broom sticks and knives and frying pans, whatever weapon she could find!  It took a solid hour to finally kill it.  Then we couldn't fall asleep because we were scared there would be more.  It was just such a typical thing to happen to us.  I have had such an awesome mission with all kinda of adventures.  I love it!

I'm kinda sick and super tired so it's really hard to think of more things to say.  But I'm happy.  I'm not good at adjusting to new areas or new companionship's so everything feels a little different.  But I'm happy!  I know I have a lot to do in this area and I have a lot to learn.  I'm just thankful that I like where I am.

Thanks so much for all the prayers!  Love you!!