Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week 2 in Chimal

Things are going good.  The people in my area are super cool.  Everyone in Guatemala is super cool, but I just feel good here.  Last week I felt like I put myself pretty quiet.  I wasn't talking much and I was just trying to figure out the new area and companionship.  But I feel way more comfortable now.  We're working hard.  I've had more new investigators and lessons in this area than ever before.  It's way cool!  We've just gotta get baptizing and get people to church.  I know  Heavenly Father sees our hard work and will bless us.  But we need to work harder.

Yesterday was a pretty cool p-day.  We live by this really big family who are members of the church.  So we just went over there to hung out all day.  It was nice and laid back.  I taught everyone how to make rice krispie treats.  That one just never gets old here.  They loved it just as much.  And seeing me make it magically in the microwave right before their eyes just added to the amazement.  But it was nice and they're a really cool family.

Our house is nice too!  It has two floors!  Which is so weird.  I haven't been in a house with 2 floors for a while.  It's kinda scary actually going up and down the stairs.  I fell on the way down this morning.  I'm just not used to it.  It has 2 bathrooms too!  About 3 months ago there were elders living in this area, and the house shows it.  After 2 changes of sisters it's clean and it doesn't have fleas anymore (not a had fleas.).  But the Elders wrote their names one everything possible.  The windows, the doors, the desks.  There's like a history of every elder that has served there.  Which is kinda cool but sisters just don't do that.

That's all that I can think of right now.  I feel like this email is boring.  But I tried to send lots of pictures to make up for it.

Love you all! Thanks for the support.  Good luck on trek!
Hna Haymond

Editors note: Alexis couldn't get her SD card to work in the computer she was using last week so these are the pictures she had wanted to send last week.

hna W killing the scorpion
I didn't know scorpions were so juicy.  I tried to keep the scorpion in an Easter egg for memories.  But then I opened it up last week and it was all moldy. 
F, P,  Y and their hijo D that didn't get baptized yet

Saying goodbye to hna A.  she was like my mom in Petapa

saying goodbye to J.

saying goodbye to M and M