Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Unfortunately this week has not been as crazy as last week.  The owner of the dog is now a progressing investigator.  Which is cool!  And we're still alive after walking through the flooded road.  So that's cool too.

It's been a good birthday so far!    Yesterday we had a district pday activity.  Hna Godfrey brought me a cake and decorated with her smiley face sticky notes.  It was cute!  Our zone leaders came and one of them has a birthday today.  SO they Sang to us.  Then they have this tradition that you have to bite the cake.  But it's a trick because they just shove your face into the cake.  Everyone was trying to get me to bite the cake, but I'm just too chapina to fall for that trick.  So the Zone leader did it and ended up with caramel and chocolate all up his nose.  So that was yesterday. I think Hna W planned something for tomorrow.  When we were doing weekly planning last week I said 'Okay.  Let's have the Bishop come with us on Wednesday to meet some people who will get baptized.'  And Hna W just kinda sat there thinking, and said 'We have plans.'  I freaked out and told her we had to teach!  But apparently she has a family home evening planned with some recent converts. She said 'Well sorrrry for planning a family home evening!'  It was just funny.  You can only be so secretive when you're together 24/7.  It's super weird that I'll be 20.  That just seems way too old and responsible.  But I think being a missionary is a good way to end my teenagehood.

Changes are next week.  I am really pretty sure I'm leaving.  I have 6 months here, which is a lot.  I love this area so so much!  The members are great and we are always having success.  I'd be happy staying here my whole mission.  But we'll see what happens.

The World Cup is still taking over peoples lives.  We just had a meeting at the church and the other ward's bishop had the game on a tv rolled in the door of his office.  It was so funny to see.  We're trying to plan a 'World Cup`' on Saturday with the members.  Each team has to have a nonmember to play.  Then while they're off the field we'll teach them.  I hope it works out!

Tomorrow we meet President Markham for the first time.  I don't really know what to expect.  But President Brough has really helped us prepare to be loving and loyal to President Markham too.

I have lots of pictures of the activity yesterday and the baptism and more flooded roads, but it's not letting me load them.  Hopefully next week.

Sunday was the baptism of the other jovencito who just got permission to be baptized.  He's the brother of the girl who just got baptized.  It was so cool.  He bore his testimony after the baptism and he already has really awesome goals to serve a mission and go to the temple some day.  It's just so amazing to see these little teenagers being so independent and doing what's right.  Even though their parents don't support them 100 percent they know what they have to do.  I know that so many missionaries have worked with them and I am so blessed to be here at this time to see the result.

Thanks for thinking of me and for praying for me!  Thanks for the fun emails and birthday wishes.

Love you all!!

Hna Haymond