Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Antigua! Antigua!

This change has had the best p-days!  Yesterday we went to Antigua.  It brought back so many memories.  I was hoping so bad that I'd seen some of my converts from San Pedro or something.  But I didn't see anyone.  We went to some ruins that were pretty cool.  Not Mayan ruins.  But like old cathedrals that fell during earthquakes a long time ago.  Then we went to Luna de Miel the delicious crepe place!  AH!  I can't explain how good it is!  I had a pesto crepe and a caramel crepe with ice cream on top.  Yum!  Then we went to the market.  The Antigua market is expensive with all the tourists but I found a cool backpack.  It just stresses me out because you can bargain the prices and I'm not very good at it.  But It was a good day! I love working all week, but by Sunday night P-day feels good.

My companion is from Costa Rica and has a funny accent.  She's lost some of it by now, but people still comment about it a lot.  Costa Ricans don't roll their r's so people always think she's from the States.  They'll ask what state she's from or how long she's known Spanish and just funny comments like that.  She tries so had to talk like a Chapina but it just doesn't work sometimes.  One lesson the investigator looked at me a few times to figure out what my companion was saying.  My Spanish is sooo not perfect, but it was just funny trying to explain Costa Rican Spanish to a Guatemalan.

Yesterday my stomach was hurting and we were at a members house. Getting the members involved in health problems always turns into way more of an adventure than it needs to be.  The members told me that this tree in their yard is el arbol de la vida.  It has cured elders and hermanas for year with all their stomach problems.  So she sent two neighbor boys to climb the tree to get leaves.  She brewed up the leaves and had me drink this arbol de la vida concoction.  It didn't taste bad or make me sick or anything.  It was just a funny remedy.  I just had to see what this whole arbol de la vida cure was all about.

Things a good.  It hasn't been the best change yet but it's gone by way too fast.  We find out Monday who stays and who goes.  I really love this area and things are starting to pick up.  I hope I stay!

Saturday we got permission from a parent to let her kids be baptized!  It was one of many miracles that we've seen lately.  But right after that all of our lessons were horrible.  We had people really angry with us, contacts weren't receptive.  People wouldn't let us talk in lessons.  The people we called to invite to church said that they were done listening to us.  People were praying that we would come to the truth.  It was a rough day.  But I just can't even get down.  We are going to have 2 baptisms on Sunday of 2 really awesome kids!  Satan can't let us get away with that easy.  It's so cool how every convert is worth all the hard stuff.  And getting rejected and suffering is just good for ya.  My testimony grows so much more on hard days.  I'm thankful for my leaders and companions who have helped me realize that.

Love you all!

Yay! Ruins!  

G cooling down the brew from the leafs of the tree of life.
Its funny because they're like a modern hip family.  Its not like she's an old grandma who lives in the forest and doesn't know anything about sicknesses.  The tree is in the background with the sun shining through it