Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Di a la luz a una catracha

Yay!  My new companion is adorable!  She is Hna E from Honduras.  She is tiny and amazing!  She is really happy.  It's really cool because she got baptized less than 2 years ago.  Her family doesn't support her at all because she's the only member but shes got a strong testimony.  She's sarcastic too which is so fun because sarcasm just doesn't  happen much in Spanish.  She's really little and new in the mission so it's so hard for her to walk as fast as me.  But she tries sooo hard and she is so diligent!  I love training because it's such a humbling experience.  It's so precious seeing new missionaries do hard scary things.  But you just have to make them do it because that's what will make them be successful and happy. It's so weird to think that just a year ago I was with Hna Hansen and Hna Godfrey training.  Time flies!
Ah!  I really don't have tons of time, but I'm sending lots of pictures to make up for it.

Things are going good.  We haven't had any super crazy adveuntres yet but I'm sure there are lots coming.  Heavenly Father really wants new missionaries to feel successful.  And for that we have seen lots of miracles.  More lessons with members.  More unity in the ward.  More people commiting to go to church.  More families contacted in the streets.  It really is a beautiful experience.  It's such a privilege to be a trainer.  I'm so thankful for all that I'm learning from Hna E.

Love you all and as always thanks for your support!

Hna Haymond

The next few pictures are of us at the brick making place from last weeks e-mail-
this is where they fire the bricks every night!

Us with the guy who actually works there

Us with members that came to hang out with us

Hector Pablo hosing us down in his car wash
he's super in-active but super awesome.

My shirts all untucked weird but last day with Hna Z

My hijas!

hna E!

I LOVE HNA WISE!  This is our signature picture pose

hna R!! she came into the mission at the same time as me and is one of my favorite people.
I did divisions with her.  But shes not in our zone anymore 

A cute new missionary that was writing me to ask for help before she got here.  Now shes in my zone.  She is so sweet and I know shes just trying so hard.  I feel like shes my daughter too but shes not.