Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hawaiian Haystacks

Ah!  I have like no time.  This will not be a quality email.  Sorry.

Yesterday I made Hawaiian Haystacks.  Of course we ate them with tortillas.  So good!

I've learned a lot about how Heavenly Father puts the right people in our path.  We were contacting a bus like normal.  Not usually a super spiritual environment.  But this lady started to cry and really wanted us to visit her.  We found her yesterday and she's going through a lot with her family and her faith.  It's so clear that she's prepared for this message.  I also found a teenage girl that was in my first area.  In my first area there were 2 companionships and she was an investigator of the other sisters.  She came to church every week with her sisters and was going to get baptized when I left.  Turns out she never got baptized, But she now lives in my area with her family.  It is such a miracle because she recognized me and still wants to go to church.  I know Heavely Father loves her so much and that she gets another chance to accept the gospel. How great is the worth of souls in the sight of God!

Love you all!  Thanks for the prayers and sorry for the lame email.

Hna Haymond

The gringa can cook!  Me making haystacks
A plan of salvation puzzle I made yesterday.
Things missionaries do when they're bored on p-day.