Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chicote quita el Bigote

It was another week with miracles and lots of chances to learn.  Last Wednesday we thought we had 0 candidates for baptism for this month.  But on Thursday we were knocking doors.  It was like 20 minutes before lunch and I wanted to leave to eat.  But I felt like we needed to keep knocking.  We found a girl who has lived in our area for 2 months.  But before she was going to church and listening to Elders in the capital! She has like a million assistances at church!  It was crazy!  It got us so pumped.  Then later that night Hna E contacted this guy on the bus  Who had just moved here from the States.  He also has gone to church forever!  When I called him that night he said 'me quede con ganas de bautizarme.' Which basically means when the Elders stopped coming he felt like getting baptized!  His name is Samuel. We call him Samuel el Lamanita.  By the end of the day we had 2 new candidates to be baptized!  There's still lots of work to do with them.  But it was awesome.

Saturday the stake did a mini MTC with the young men and young women.  They had training Saturday morning.  Then each companionship in the stake received a group of jovenes (umm...the only word that comes to mind to explain that word is youngsters.).  We received 9 girls!!!  We were like holy cow no one is going to want to receive 12 of us.  So we did divisions.  Hna E had 3 of them and I had 6.  It was so crazy!  And so fun!  I felt like all of a sudden I had 6 daughters.  They were so brave and contacted and taught and did awesome.  We didn't teach anything I had planned, but that's okay.  It was fun to see them get to teach. At the end of the day they slept at a members house and couldn't use their cell phones or anything so it was just a real mission experience (kinda.).  How cool is that activity!  They all bore their testimonies in church and want to go one missions.  But I wish someone would have taken a picture of me and 6 little jovencitas trotting through the rain filled streets.  I'm sure it was a great sight.

I'm feeling a lot better.  But Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I pretty much didn't have a voice.  I think it was good because Hna E had to take the initiative.  I feel like I'm leaving with changes next week, so it was good for her to take the lead.

Thanks so much for all the love and support!
Hna Haymond
My group of girls from the mini CCM.
Imagine me all alone with these girls in a line behind me running around Guatemala.

Other cute girls.  They were with hna E.

This is an inactive guy.  He's a member of a really pilas family.  We thought he was older than he was because he had a mustache.  So we told him to shave it off and he did.  If only people would accept other commitments like he got rid of his mustache.

This is a recent converts daughter.  SHE IS SO CUTE!

Look where we went yeterday! woo!

After eating crepes.  I still eat a lot.  I finished the elders crepes.  One time my district leader say 'wow you eat like an Elder.  And work like one too.'  I quickly corrected him and told him I work like a SISTER! way harder than the elders.

We went to colinas again last week.