Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sufra con una sonrisa

Okay!  Today I have way more time so I will actually get to write a decent email.
Oh by the way I'm writing on a Monday because we have interviews with president this week and it throws everything off.  I'm sure you're confused about that.

First off...I still need to talk about conference.  Conference was way awesome!  We always get to watch in English.  It is so refreshing to hear the gospel in English.  I love teaching in Spanish.  It just feels so right.  But lets be honest.  Hearing the voices of the apostles and prophets is just awesome. (Everyone in the world should learn English just to hear an Elder Holland talk..whoa.)  But I learned a lot about being a team to help rescue people who have fallen away form the church.  I liked what Elder Holland said about taking care of the poor.  Being here made that talk hit me hard.  I also loved Elder Bednar's  talk.  It helped me remember why I'm here and why missionary work is so important.  Ah.  Conference just feels good.  Now we've just got to apply what we learned and felt.  I love the example of the wise man and the foolish man in 3 Nefi 14.  The only difference between the two is that one did the words that he heard.  They both went to conference.  They probably both took notes.  Maybe neither one of them fell asleep during the Sunday afternoon session.  But the foolish man's house fell because he didn't change!  He didn't apply the things he learned.  Don't build your house on the sand!
We also had stake conference this weekend.  That was way cool too.  I liked a talk by a member of the 70 about how our spiritual growth doesn't end like our physical growth does.  Conferences are awesome.
I slept way weird last week or something because my neck has been killing me!  I can't look to the left to save my life.  Its just kept things interesting because in the lessons I want to look at my companion to listen to her.  Or I'll want to turn to see her walking behind me.  But I can't!  And somehow she ALWAYS ends up on the left side of me.  She's always so kind to point it out to the investigators saying 'Don't worry.  She's not giving me dirty looks.  She just can't look to the left.'  It's given everyone a good laugh.  Hna E always puts herself to the left of me and I'm sure it's not a coincidence.
Things have been hard lately.  But I'm  happy. It's been so hard to help investigators progress.  And I have a cold.  And there have been more rejections.  And people aren't coming to church.  And ah!! It's rough.  But I really am so thankful because we always always see miracles.  Even on our hardest days I can be happy because Heavenly Father always puts someone in our path to build our faith.  I know I need to be here and have these little trials because it's just the best way to learn.  Thanks for all your prayers and love!! 
Love you all!
Hna Haymond