Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

This week was crazy.  Being the nurse’s companion never ceases to be an adventure.  Long story short we went to the hospital twice this week, went to two of the zone Christmas parties, had two days where we were not even in our area and had zero lessons, and drove through almost every zone in the mission (and through a few other missions).  But we survived!  Woo!
I really like this area, even though it feels way different.  I noticed I’m more tired in lessons because I’m not used to teaching on a couch.  It’s just too comfy for me.  It's also way hotter too so that feels nice.  But it's not as hot as other areas.  We had our Christmas activity on the coast this week and it was the first time I've gone to the coast.  It was SO hot.  This area I'm in has a good climate.
The Christmas party was fun.  We did all kinds of games and ate a lot and got to see lots of missionaries.  President and Hna Markham had some of us do the nativity as they read the story.  Hna N and I got volunteered to be angels.  So there we were in the nativity, wrapped in white sheet in the burning weather of the coast.  It was a good memory to make.
It’s been fun getting to know the members and converts.  We had a really exciting visit with a convert last week.  He’s a little old man who’s a natural doctor and lives in his karate studio.  He wanted to show us how he gets rid of head aches.  He got out some chop sticks and asked me to give him my left thumb.  Then he proceeded to shove the chop stick into the tip of my thumb as hard as he could.  So that felt awesome.  And he explained that he usually does that for about 2 minutes.  Then he took the chop stick out of my thumb and my arm fell asleep! The members we were with were dying laughing.  My arm was totally limp.  So that was interesting.  
Hna N and I are doing good.  We have a lot of fun together.  We found out that we both have scars on our left elbow because we both had the exact same surgery.  So that's cute.
I hope you all have a great Christmas!  Thanks for always supporting me and praying for me.  We need it.  I'm so thankful to be a missionary this time of year.  It just feels right.  I love the Savior and I'm so thankful for all that He did and does for me.  I'm trying so hard to feel closer to Him and really remember Him more.  
I love you!!!