Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Hermanos Adios pues Adios

El tiempo de ir vino ya.  I have changes.  I'll find out where I'm going tomorrow.  Ah.  It's crazy to think that this will be my last area.  Of course I'll be happy to go where ever Heavenly Father wants me to go, But I hope I go to the Coast. I've been to the mountains and the capital but the coast is the only region I haven't been to.  Next Tuesday you'll know.  It's always so hard saying goodbye.  The Monday and Tuesday before changes are always the worst days of the mission.  I thought it wouldn't be so hard here because I don't have as many converts.  But I was so wrong.  I love everyone in this area so much!  The street vendors, the contacts, the members, the investigators.  Ah.  Its so hard to leave.

I always ask myself why did the Lord send me here, When changes come around.  Even though I didn't reach my baptism goals in this area like I had in other areas, the lessons Heavenly Father wanted me to learn are really obvious.  First I learned what kind of member I want to be when I get home.  The members here are so willing to support us, Even when its cold, or the last minute or when no one receives us.  I also learned about humility.  Heavenly Father has given me SO much success as a missionary.  But these last few months I have learned that He will not let me go home prideful.

I hope you've all looked up He is the Gift.  If not, that's your homework.

It's still freezing.  Hne E and I had to stop by a members house the other day to ask for a blanket to walk around in.  

I love December.  In the area I was in last year there weren't any lights or Christmas trees but here the town has gone all out!  Its so exciting.  I also loved the Christmas devotional on Sunday night!  I hope you got to watch it. I think (i'm not totally sure) I saw Brother Wise (Hna Wises dad) in the choir.  So that was cool.

While we were in the Stake center watching a peaceful Christmas broadcast things outside were very much the opposite.  I don't know if I told you about this last year, but the 7th of Diciembre is a holiday here, called the day of the Devil.  Everyone buys pinatas of devils to burn right at 6 pm.  It's a really crazy night because everyone is lighting fireworks and burning anything they can find...trash, stuffed animals and sometimes firewood.  It's to get rid of the Devil and all the bad feelings and spirits before Christmas.  I've definitely added it to my list of traditions I'm going to keep up after the mission. 

One of our investigators passed out and started going into shock in my arms on Sunday.  That was a first.  But shes okay!  It was just hectic because all the members were freaking out and wanted to help and were giving us lots of suggestions of things to do (some more medically sound than others). The ambulance came in the end.  But it all turn out okay.

AND:::: here's a miracle!  We're having a baptism on Sunday!!!!!!!!  I thought I'd be sad that I have changes and I won't be here.  But I'm just so glad that we're seeing fruits of our labors.  The area deserves it.

It's been a good week.  We've had lots of adventures.  Four companionships from the mission got invited to go speak at SOY.  It's like EFY here.  And hna E and I got picked!  It was seriously one of the best days of my mission.  We got there really early and they treated us like we were famous.  Which is so funny to me because before my mission, missionaries were like super human.  It's weird that people think of us like that now because I am so normal. Anyway, we waited in this secret room and workers brought us snacks and water. (afterwards we got to go to the front of the line for lunch too.) Then the EFY director came and explained what he wanted us to do.  He explained that we were the surprise of EFY, That no one knew that we were coming and that he was so excited.  Its just so funny that we were the surprise.  Again, I just feel so normal.  But then the time came to enter the devotional.  They were singing the opening hymn, called to serve and they had us walk up to the stand.  The Spirit hit us so fast in the moment.  It was so cool to sing with them and look at all these really excited faces.  I could just feel that they're trying so hard to do whats right.  But it made me think of when I went to EFY and how awesome of an experience that was.  It totally changed my life.  The kids asked such good questions, like how to know if we're passing through trials from Heavenly Father or obstacles from Satan, or how we can be consecrated people.  It was cool to be able to think about all that.  And at the end of our question and answer part, the dirctetor surprised one of the EFY counselers and had his mission call ready to open.  So he opened it in front of everyone.  We were all just bawling.  I remember when I got that big white envelop.  I remember going grocery shopping in the hours before opening it to disatract myself.  I remember skyping everyone and inviting people to my apartment.  I remember choking up when I read the words Guatemala City Central mission.  In that moment I knew it was where I needed to go.  But what I didn't know was how much that letter would change my life. I didn't know what kind of person it would turn me into. I didn't know how much I would love these people or how much I would love obedience or missionary work.  I had no clue.  But Heavenly Father knew.  And I'm so thankful He told me to come to this mission.  I will forever be changed for it.

Love you all!

Every time I see a cow I just feel like reading the Book of Mormon to it.  So I did.

Familia P.  My family away from home.  They takes so much care of us.

The elders made us this delicious lunch last week

Zona Hoy

Zona Hoy
Us and all the stuff they gave us at EFY.
Badges, backpacks, bracelets, shirts (XXXL)

My first rootbeer in 16 months
p.s.  she's from Springville.

Zona Hoy

Zona Photo