Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The nurse is going to kill me!

That's right!  I'm companions with the nurse for my last change. It's been an adventure already.  We get along really well and we're having a lot of fun.  I've always really liked her!  It's kinda hard getting used to being the nurses companion because sometimes we have to stop what we're doing so she can take a call.  But it's really exciting.  I feel like I'm always on one of those exciting hospital shows.  Like The Untold Stories of the Mission Nurse.  And I like to think that I help out (but in reality one semester of anatomy doesn't qualify me for any of this.)  The other day I helped her figure out that some one  had a headache and diarrhea because they were dehydrated.  Maybe I'll get promoted to assistant to the nurse soon.

My area is way different.  I feel like I'm in the United States.  This area is so rich.  It's really small too.  It's like if Skyline Estates (our subdivision at home) was in an area.  Everyone has cars and couches and cell phones.  Everyone has Christmas lights and Christmas trees and DVD players.  And there isn't trash on the street. It's seriously so weird.  A week ago I was teaching lessons sitting on a cinder block on a dirt road with chickens and pigs.  And now I'm teaching on couches in a big house with fancy paintings to people who have nice clothes.  Its weird. But I really do love this area! I feel like it will take an edge off the culture shock when I get home though.  So that's good.

Just a heads up.  I will be getting fat this change.  There is a member whose a really good baker.  She's always giving us pastries.  I have eaten cake, cheese cake, pie, brownies, and or cinnamon rolls at least once a day since I've gotten here.  Start making your guesses now for how much I'll weigh when I leave.

We had a baptism on Sunday!!!!!! It was such a miracle.  It's a jovencito that has been going to church with his grandma for years.  On Friday we went and challenged him to be baptized and he said yes.  He was so happy!!  He got baptized before church early on Sunday and got confirmed an hour later.  It was just so good to see him happy! I know that we're going to see miracles this change.  This was just the first of many.

I am just so happy.  Things are going really good.  We are working hard.  There is no time to waste.

Love you all!!

Hna Haymond

Signing the wall in the house of the familia Pablo.  My last night in E.
They always do this and sing God Be With You Til' We Meet Again. Its so sad.

So the grandma of the kid who got baptized is a really good baker.  I'm getting fat this change.  But it works good because that way I won;t get married right when I get home.

This is our district

We had a baptism!! I decided Sadie is going to marry this kid.  His name is C.  Hes 13.  Hes gone to church for a really long time with his grandma.  But on Friday we showed up and challenged him to be baptized and he said YES!  In the closing  prayer he was so happy that he started crying.  I feel like I didn't do anything to help him.  I just showed up.  But its so good to see him happy!